IronHorse Capital Transfers Listing of Conductor Global Equity Value ETF (Ticker: CGV) to New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Floor.

February 23, 2024

IronHorse Capital has strategically relocated the listing of the Conductor Global Equity Value ETF (Ticker: CGV) from NYSE ARCA to the prestigious New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) floor. This pivotal move is designed to leverage the advanced, floor-based trading environment of the NYSE, merging cutting-edge technology with expert human oversight. The transition is set to improve market liquidity, tighten spreads, and optimize trading conditions, thereby enhancing the investment experience for all stakeholders. Click the link below to view photos and videos from the event.

A Commitment to Investor Accessibility and Market Excellence

Kerr Tigrett, President of IronHorse Capital, expresses excitement about the new listing location, emphasizing the firm's dedication to increasing investor accessibility and capitalizing on the NYSE's powerful trading capabilities. "Moving to the NYSE floor marks a significant step in our ongoing efforts to provide our investors with superior trading solutions and robust investment opportunities in global equity markets," Tigrett stated. Douglas Yones, Head of Exchange Traded Products at NYSE, also welcomed the ETF, highlighting its potential to offer unmatched market quality thanks to the unique combination of technology and professional judgment available on the NYSE floor.

Video Disclosure
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